Article I. Name
Article II. Purpose
Article III. Membership
Article IV. Officers, Committees, & Amendments
Article V. Meetings
Article VI. Elections
Article VII Amendments
Article VIII. Funds

Article I: Name

Section 1. This organization shall be known as the "Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association"

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of the Association will be to promote the profession of the fire service, to improve the methods of fire prevention, training, protection, and extinguishment and to maintain high standards of professional ethics among the Fire Chiefs of Louisiana.
  • To obtain and circulate information of fire administration, prevention, protection, training, and suppression.
  • To encourage study, research, and analysis of all matters relative to the protection and saving of life and property from the perils of fire and other disasters.
  • To encourage the active co-operation and exchange of information among the members.
  • To secure the co-operation and assistance of other organizations in the field of fire prevention and protection.
  • To render whatever assistance possible to other members, individuals, or organizations interested in fire prevention and protection.
  • To promote the fire service in the highest degree of professionalism and promote the welfare of all Louisiana fire fighters.
  • To render to the citizens the most efficient service possible.
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Article III: Membership

Section 1. All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Executive Board for approval or disapproval.
Section 2. Membership of this Association shall consist of:

Active Members-Active members shall include the chief of the department and all chief officers (deputy chief, assistant chief, district chief, battalion chief, division chief, etc), as designated by the chief of the department, of a regularly organized public, private, governmental or industrial fire department.  Active members, who maintain current dues paying status shall be entitled to hold elective office, serve on the board of directors and vote on all matters requiring a vote of the general membership unless otherwise prohibited herein.  New active members shall be entitled to voting privileges once voted into the association by the board of directors.  Annual dues shall be set by the board of directors.

Associate Members – Associate members shall include those fire department officers not eligible for Active Member Status. Associate members shall not be entitled to vote on matters requiring a vote. Associate members are not eligible to hold elective office or serve on the board of directors.  Once an associate member has been voted into the association, he/she may remain a member as long as annual dues are paid.  Annual dues shall be set by the board of directors.

Past President Life Membership Past President life membership shall be conferred upon all past presidents of the association with all the privileges of active membership. Past President life members are not required to pay annual dues, unless they are going to hold elective office or serve on the board of directors.

Life Members Life members shall include active or associate members or a combination thereof, who have been a member of the Association continuously for ten years and no longer hold a position in their department which would qualify them for active member or associate member status. Life membership shall not be conferred or continued for individuals who are eligible for either Active or Associate membership through their involvement or employment with the fire service unless approved by the board of directors.  Life members are not required to pay dues but may be charged for association services.  Life members shall not be entitled to vote on matters requiring a vote.

Ex Officio Membership - The following persons shall be Ex Officio members of the Association:  the Louisiana State Fire Marshal and his second in command, Director of Training of the Louisiana State University Fire & Emergency Training Institute and his second in command, Director of Training of Delgado Fireman Training and his second in command, Director of Louisiana State University – Eunice Fireman Training and his second in command, President and First Vice-President of the Louisiana State Firemen’s Association and Head of Property Insurance Association of Louisiana and his second in command.    Ex Officio members shall be exempt from dues.  In the event that an Ex Officio member is also an Active Member, then he shall have all duties and obligations of active membership including the right to vote and the obligation to pay dues.


Honorary Membership - Honorary membership may be bestowed upon individuals by the Executive Board.  Honorary Members shall be exempt from dues, and shall not vote.

Corporate Membership - Any Corporation that is engaged in a legitimate business activity, may be bestowed this classification by the Executive Board.  Corporate Members shall pay dues as set by the Board of Directors, but shall not have a vote.  Their incentives for paying dues will be the ability to participate as a vendor at the annual conference by purchasing a booth, use of the association’s logo, a listing on the LFCA website, a link on the LFCA website for an additional fee and advertising in the quarterly periodical for an additional cost.

Section 3. Elected office holding shall be limited to ACTIVE MEMBERS.  Members holding the office of SECRETARY and/or TREASURER can be re-elected to their office if their status changes to ASSOCIATE or LIFE MEMBER provided that they maintain their dues as an ACTIVE MEMBER.  Voting rights shall be limited to ACTIVE MEMBERS and PAST PRESIDENT LIFE MEMBERS.   A letter of introduction must be sent by the chief of the department, certifying that the Assistant Chief is a member of the Association, is the designated representative and has the authority to vote in the absence of the Chief.  A voting member will have only one (1) vote whether serving as Chief of more than one (1) department or not.

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Article IV: Officers, Committees, & Appointments
Section 1. The elected officers of the Association shall be:

  • President shall be the chief officer of the Association. He shall preside at all meetings, maintain order during the transaction of business, put motions to a vote when seconded, decide questions when vote is equal, and such other points of order.  He shall appoint all committees, as started in Article IV, Section 5 & 6.  He shall sign the minutes of all meetings, after they have been approved by the Executive Board.   He shall sign all certificates of membership and all other lawful documents that may require his signature.   He shall be ex-officio chairman of all committees.  All property of the Association shall be under his control during his time of office.
  • First Vice-President in the absence of or the inability of the President shall perform all the duties of the President and when the President is presiding he shall assist the President in every way possible and should a vacancy occur in the office of President, he shall assume all the duties of the President.

  • CSecond Vice-President shall assist the President and First Vice-President in conducting the business of the Association and in the absence or inability of both the President and First Vice-President, he/she shall assume all the duties of the President.

  • D Secretary shall keep the records, collect the dues or other moneys belonging to the Association, and shall issue all membership cards.  He shall provide an annual report of all expenditures of his office.  The Secretary shall also maintain a current inventory of all property of the Louisiana Fire Chiefs’ Association.  He shall, upon vacating his office, turn over all records and other belongings of the Association he has to the President of the Association
  • E  Treasurer shall keep all moneys belonging to the Louisiana Fire Chiefs’ Association and Bank the same in an account for the Louisiana Fire Chiefs’ Association kept separate from any other account.  Said account to also have the Secretary’s signature allowing him/her custody of the account in case of an emergency, such as death, etc.  He shall provide an annual report to be given at the annual conference.  He shall keep detailed records of all expenditures incurred by his office.  Upon vacating his office, the Treasurer shall turn all records, including bank account records and receipts, to the incoming President of the Association.
  • F   Board Members, (one each from each of the nine (9) LFCA Districts representing Industries.

  • The Secretary is hereby empowered to purchase, for the outgoing President, a plaque or other appropriate gift to the office of the President; such plaque shall carry the LFCA emblem, the name of the President, and the year served.  Cost limit to be set by the Executive Board.

  • The outgoing President’s gift will be presented by the Immediate Past President if in attendance at the conference.

Section 2. The elected officials shall perform those duties relative to their titles.
Section 3. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officials, Immediate Past President, and one (1) member from each of the LFCA Districts (to be elected by representatives of that District),  and one (1) member from the Industrial Section (to be elected by Industrial representatives state wide).  Districts are to be divided according to district outline of attached map of Louisiana which will be called LFCABoard Member Districts.  Fire Department headquarters will determine LFCA district affiliation.
Section 4.  Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the First Vice-President shall succeed to the office for the unexpired term.  In cases of a vacancy of any other office, the Executive Board shall make the appointment.
Section 5.  The President shall appoint the following committees of not less than three (3) members of whom the first named shall act as Chairman:  Auditing, Resolution, Nominations/Election, Governmental Affairs, Public Relations, and Constitution & By-Laws.  The Chairman or his/her designee shall be granted the rights to represent and/or act on the behalf of the LFCA on matters concerning the Association.
Section 6.  The President shall appoint members to each committee that has been established by Louisiana statues. These appointments shall be ratified by a majority of the board of directors.
Section 7.  Elected Officers and Board Members that Retire or change membership status to Associate or Life may complete the term of their elected office.
Section 8Executive Director
  • The Executive Director may serve at the pleasure of the LFCA Board of Director’s. Upon cancellation of services, all records and documentation relating to LFCA business will be turned over to LFCA for their use.
Section 9.  Establish SECTIONS under the LFCA banner.  Members of these sections must be members of the LFCA, in accordance with Article III of the Constitution.  These LFCA SECTIONS will be provided education and training to professionals who have no other venues and will consist of:
(1)   Louisiana Society of Fire Instructors Section
(2)   Hazardous Material Section

(3)   SAR Section

(4)   Arson & Fire Prevention Section

(5)   Public Information Officers Section

(6)   Honor Guard & Chaplain’s Section

(7)   EMS Section.

Members of the above would pay section dues to the LFCA.  They would also set and maintain their own dues, charters and rules for their respective sections.

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Article V: Meetings
Section 1.  There shall be at least one (1) meeting of the Association each year.   The Annual Meeting shall convene at such a place as the previous Annual Meeting shall have designated and upon such date as the Executive Board, after consultation with the Chief of the Host City, may fix.

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Article VI: Elections
Section 1.  Elections shall be held at the Annual Meeting and shall be limited to Active Members and Active Life Members. Voting rights shall be limited to Active Members and Active Life Members. The term of newly elected officials shall begin at the close of the meeting and end at the close of the following conference. The President and Vice Presidents shall not succeed themselves and shall serve that office for only one (1) year. Member holding the office of Vice President shall be considered incumbent for the next office in progression after serving a full one (1) year term. If the First Vice President assumes the office of President due to the inability of the President not being able to perform his duties, he will be allowed to seek the office of President for a full one (1) year term in addition to the amount of time he assumed the office for the previous President.
Section 2.  The President shall appoint a three (3) member Nominating Committee who shall submit at the Annual Meeting at least one (1) nominee for each elected office.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor and election shall be by a majority vote of the members present and voting. Secret balloting shall be held.

Section 3.  During elections, if a tie occurs on the first ballot, a second ballot shall be taken.  If a tie still occurs on the second ballot, the President shall flip a coin to decide the election.

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Section 1.  The Association shall have full power at any Membership Meeting to alter, amend, or revise this Constitution.  Recommended alteration, amendments, or revisions must be submitted to the Secretary in writing via electronic mail or regular mail (if electronic mail is not available) at least sixty (60) days prior to any Membership Meeting in which the changes are to be voted upon.  Each member shall be notified in writing  via electronic mail or regular mail (if electronic mail is not available) of the proposed changes at least thirty (30) days before any Membership Meeting in which the changes are to be voted upon.  Votes on Constitutional changes shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) votes for each fire department that has active members provided that there are at least two active members present at any Membership Meeting to cast the votes.  No absentee ballots will be accepted for Constitutional changes.
Section 1.  All members of the Association shall be required to pay such annual dues as set out in the Constitution.  Each new member must pay individual membership dues, (can not replace another member on the roster).   Deadline for paying dues will be no later than March 1st of each year.
Section 2.  No member in arrears shall be eligible to vote.  Any member in arrears for one (1) calendar year shall, after due notice, be removed from the Roll of the Association.

Section 3.  The Executive Board shall have the power to adopt By-Laws consistent with the Constitution to govern the conduct of its meetings and business of the Association, consistent with the Charter and applicable State Laws.

Section 4. Annual Dues as set out in the Constitution will cover a membership period that will begin on the first day of March and end on the last day of February the following year.  The LFCA Secretary shall mail out Annual Dues Notices to all members postmarked no later than December 15th of each year to allow all members sufficient time to maintain continuous membership.
Section 1.  All business of the meetings of the Association shall be conducted under provisions of the “Robert’s Rules of Order”.
Section 2.  On the first day of the Annual Conference, the President will conduct an Opening Ceremony, which shall include a Memorial Service for member(s) who have passed away since the previous Conference and the Announcement of Standing Committees.

Section 3.  On the last day of the Annual Conference, the President shall conduct a meeting of the membership prior to the close of the conference as follows:
  1. Reports of Ex Officio Members
  2. Business Meeting for Members Only (Active, Active Life, Associate, Life)
  3. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting
  4. Report of Officers
  5. Report of Committees
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business
  8. Election of Officers and Board Members
  9. Selection of Conference City
  10. Adjournment
Section 4.  After the business meeting, there shall be an Installation Banquet, at the time and place decided on by the outgoing President for the installation of the Elected Officers and Board Members.

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Article VIII: Funds
Section 1.  The funds for carrying out the purpose of this Association shall be obtained from Annual Membership Dues; Donations; Annual Conference Fees, less Conference Expenses and other moneys collected from the sale of merchandise. The funds obtained shall be applied to defray the expenses of the Association as follows:
  1. When approved by the Board, Members shall received a mileage stipend of the current dollar amount allowed by the IRS, Lodging reimbursement and a Meal per diem as set by GSA, when attending function away from home where the transportation to and from the meeting is not furnished by the Member’s home department or company.  If the member is reimbursed by their department or use a company vehicle, the Association shall not reimburse their department for mileage or fuel consumed.
  2. Expenses such as stationary, long distance telephone calls and other expenses related to and incurred in carrying out the Duties as elected officers of LFCA.
  3. The Secretary shall be compensated $599.00 yearly.The Treasurer shall be compensated $300.00 yearly.
  4. Any other expense of the Association that the Board deems necessary to carry out the day by day operations of the LFCA.
  5. Board members, who use their personal vehicle to attend Board Meetings and are not reimbursed by their department, shall received a mileage stipend of the current dollar amount allowed by the IRS.
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The Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association represents the needs of the Louisiana Fire Service. Protecting our lives and rights from Baton Rouge to Washington, D.C.